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How to Fix Roku Error code 012

Why Roku error code 012 occurs?

Roku Error code 012 is an Ethernet-related error in particular. This is occurring in the Roku streaming devices. Ethernet is the standard technology for communicating wired local area networks (LANs), allowing devices to communicate with each other via a protocol-a set of rules or a common language of the network. Fix Roku Error code 012

roku error code 012

Likewise, if there is a problem with communication within the Roku streaming device, this error code will be created.

How to remove this Roku 012 error code?

You need to verify that your Ethernet cable is securely connected to your Roku system & router to avoid this form of 012 error. If possible, you can check with a second Ethernet cable. Restart your Roku device & router if the cable is fine.Fix Roku Error code 012

roku error code 012

Restarting your Roku device and router.

  • Roku Error code 012 You need to restart Roku and router after you have tested the second cable as perfect. To restart the Roku set, go to Settings > Setup > Restart of the setup. Go to Settings > System > Power > Restart of the system to restart Roku TV. From the power source, you can unplug the Roku system, wait a few moments, and reconnect it.Fix Error code 012.
  • • Check instructions from your ISP or router provider to restart your router. In some cases, you may easily unplug and plug it back for, and in other situations, a reset button on the computer may need to be pressed. All devices will take a couple of minutes to restart completely.
  • If you have long-ago connected your Roku device to your router, it should be reconnected automatically. If it fails to reconnect or you first set up the Roku device, then complete the process of setting up the network.

roku error code 012

This is the case when your ethernet cable is not working, as well as an explanation for Roku error code 012 occurring. When using Roku box with ethernet cable and having streaming content problems, perform a system & ethernet link reset.

Step 1

Switch on your TV and streaming video player from Roku.

Step 2

Roku Error code 012 To activate the menu bar, navigate the home screen on your Roku box and press the arrow button on the Roku remote. Hold down the reset button on the back of your box if Roku is malfunctioning and you are unable to reach the home screen. The system would be reset.

Step 3

Use the arrow button on the remote to switch to the tv screen's settings tab.

Step 4

After seeing the category reset option for the factory, click the ok button on your phone.

Step 5

Select the option "Factory Reset" and select "OK."

Step 6

When asked, pick "Yes" and press the "OK" button to affirm your decision. The Roku app resets all of your settings, including the Ethernet link setup.Fix Error code 012.

Hope all of this works to eliminate Roku error code 012 for you. Through posting below, don't forget to share your opinions on this. Ask questions about the technical support solutions in the comment section or email us.

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