What Are Roku Error Codes and How to Troubleshoot it…?

Roku error codes are errors messages that pop up to your device display. There are loads of error codes and every code denotes a exceptional errors. perceive the kind of the mistake and find the troubleshooting recommendations that are available on our web site.

Check out the most common Roku Error codes below

  • Error code 001
  • code 003
  • Roku error code 009
  • error code 001
  • Roku error code 014
  • Error code 012

Error code 001- The error code occurs while you activate the Roku channel. To resolve the error, go to the Home screen.. Then use the fast forward tab. Finally, click on the rewind button

Error code 003- The error code 003 occurs if your device has the old version of the software. If the error code pop up on the screen, try updating your device with the latest version of the software.

Roku error code 014- This error occurs if you are unable to connect the device to the internet connection. To avoid the error code, go to settings > Network and check the internet connection.

Print a network test page to check the internet settings. Place your streaming device close to the Router

roku error code 009

here is the solution how to solve roku error code 009

  • Roku error code 009 — This error indicates that your streaming device is connected to the router but the network connection is still not active. To overcome the error code, try restarting your Roku streaming device and the router.
  • Usually kind the valid credentials for your community. you could attempt using the wireless variety extenders to enhance the signal power
  • Error code 011- The error code 011 indicates the software update failure.. Update your device with the latest version of the software.
  • Error code 012-Occurs due to poor network connection. Make sure you connect the Ethernet cables properly to the router
  • HDCP error- HDCP indicates the content protection standard to prevent the unauthorized copying of data or contents. If the error popup, a purple screen will be visible on the screen. Take out the HDMI cable and connect it back again

Customers who need to get more troubleshooting guidelines to solve the error codes can read the troubleshooting pointers which can be to be had on our net web page Roku help. in case you are unable to understand the pointers, ring the Roku Support  Number  +1-888-401-0701 and communicate to our technicians right away.

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